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Remapping and Superchips

What is ECU Remapping?
ECU remapping is an engine tuning service which enables some of the restrictions put on a vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer to be lifted. ECU remapping unblocks some of these restrictions so that the vehicle being remapped can perform as was originally designed. It also has added benefits of improving performance, improving fuel consumption and can even add life to your engine!

Don't compromise your vehicle's performance ENHANCE it!

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Dynotech has the ability to Superchip your car at our workshop.

Not only will your car perform better but it will also improve economy.

We apply the new map to your car's ECU and then perform a dyno run on our Dyno Dynamics rolling road to show the performance improvement your vehicle now has.

Turbo-charged vehicles respond best to this type of tuning but we can accomodate most makes and models so contact us now for a quote.

We also specialise in Diesel Economy Remapping so please get in touch if that is something you'd be interested in.

We can give you a rough idea of the expected gains for your vehicle and get you booked in as soon as possible.

What are you waiting for? Enhance your car today!


Live Mapping

Here at Dynotech we also offer a custom live mapping service for a variety of high performance vehicles. We specialise in Mitsubishi Evo's. We have over 10 years of dyno and tuning experience.

We work with some of the very best tuners in the UK and we are always up to date with the many different tuning styles and techniques that enables us to tune many of the different makes and models of performance vehicles on the market today.

Even if you have a car that you've built yourself and you need the engine programming and tuned we can advise you on the products you need and we can map your car effectively.